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Tekkashop VDBB3665GR MinimalistStyle Chipboard Rectangular (W40cm) Bookshelf Board in Black -Set Of 4

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AUD 31.00
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AUD 52.36
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AUD 31.00

Tekkashop VDBB3665GR MinimalistStyle Chipboard Rectangular (W40cm) Bookshelf Board in Black -Set Of 4

This is a rectangular bookshelf board made of quality chipboard. This media units include 4pcs which can place them randomly according to your preference, such as right-left form, upper-lower form and ladder-like form. More and better patterns can be designed by using more wall shelves. With it, you could design your unique patterns. Additonally, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The product has been tested for safety and it is recommended for home, hotel and office.

Product Specification

  • Product Feature: 4 pieces Bookshelf Board
  • Product Material: Chipboard
  • Product Dimension: W400 x D200 x H15 mm
  • Product Color: Black