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Tekkashop VDCT3349BR Classical Style Solid Teak Wood Square Top Coffee Table in Brown

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AUD 288.00
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AUD 478.55
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AUD 288.00

Tekkashop VDCT3349BR Classical Style Solid Teak Wood Square Top Coffee Table in Brown

This coffee table is a perfect option to your interior. Its is designed with a large tabletop with 2 drawers and 1 shelf, which provides ample storage space for keeping your items. Besides, each of the table is unique and different from each other since it is made of beautiful wood grains. This table is recommend to treat with teak oil or waterbase finish to increase its lifetime. The product has been tested for safety and it is suitable for home, office and hotel.

Product Specification

  • Product Feature: Wooden coffee table
  • Product Material: Fine sanded teak hardwood with a natural finish
  • Product Dimension: W680 x D680 x H330 mm
  • Shelf Dimension: W250 x D260 x H210 mm
  • Drawer Dimension: W300 x D260 x H95 mm
  • Product Color: Brown